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The Dominican Canine Federation (FCD)

The CDF was established as the Dominican Canine Federation in 1972, although the beginnings of canine sport in our country go back to the sixties. Initially the Dominican Canine Association was founded in 1968, and later became Dominican Canine Federation in 1972.

Since its creation, the Dominican Canine Federation has been a federated member of the Féderation Cynologique Internazionale (FCI), which is the governing body of the Canopy on a global scale and is in charge of granting international recognition to our pedigrees.

The CDF is also a founding member of SICASUD (Sociedad de Intercambio de la Canofilia Sudamericana), since 1977. SICASUD then becomes SICALAM (Exchange Society of Latin American Canopy) in 1992.

SICALAM, is the governing body of Latin American Canopy.

History of CDF and Dominican Canopy

The hobby of purebred dogs in the Dominican Republic began in the era of the dictatorship of Rafael L. Trujillo (1930-1961), celebrating the first formal dog show and organized in 1961, within the framework of the Magna National Agricultural Fair.

In the following years attempts are made to organize the canófila activity, taking place several exhibitions, with the collaboration of the ladies Ileana Miller and Lida Ramírez, of the Puerto Rico Kennel Club. It is not until 1967 that the DOMINICAN CANINE COMMISSION is created, under the direction of the DRA. MIREYA ROMÁN DE SCHEKER, who initiates and organizes genealogical records in the country.

This Commission becomes the CANINE DOMINICAN ASSOCIATION in 1968, also chaired by Dr. Scheker, that same year organizes the first exhibition with the awarding of points for the Dominican championship. From that moment, canine events and exhibitions are uninterrupted.

The Dominican Canine Federation , becomes a full member of the FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE (FCI) in 1972, under the auspices of the Canófila Mexicana Federation (Mrs. Thelma Von Thaden) and the Canine Club of Panama (Doña Ingeborg Kincaid).

It is a signatory of the SICASUD constitutive act (currently SICALAM) on May 27, 1978.

The CDF bases its Genealogical Registry system on a strict control of the registered specimens, in which all litters and registered specimens must be inspected by a body of Advisors and Judges, spread throughout the national geography. Currently this figure exceeds 1, 400 dogs.

The CDF , currently has eight (8) affiliated clubs, which are those that develop the activity cinófila.

The FCD , was host in 2001, in the paradisiacal beaches of Bavaro, the General Assembly and the annual exhibition of SICALAM.

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